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Sometimes when you happen to be in a place you least expect to be, and you do not have any intentions to shop, you can actually get some good finds. This is always my mantra: “I know what I like when I see it.”

So, one afternoon, as I was finding my way through an unassuming mall in Mandaluyong City, I happened to pass by a stall just in front of the way out to the MRT station in Shaw. The lady, who was still preparing for the 10:00 am opening, was stacking pairs of sandals and putting up the price signs. One read, “P180.00 Made in Marikina.” I was curious and so I stopped by to see what was being sold.

flats-in-star-mallI found sandals of leather straps and black leather soles. I tried a pair and thought they were very comfortable. And sold for only P180.00 a pair at that! What a bargain! I bought a pair, of course. I would have wanted to buy a pair with white straps, with brown straps, but my money was earmarked for something else…

Ladies who would chance upon my sleek black leather-strapped flats would ask, “Where’d you get that? They look so pretty!”

Next time you are at the Shaw-EDSA intersection, get in the Star Mall. You’ll see that the stores there are meant for people like me who would always be attracted to stuff with price tags below P200.00, but with very good quality.