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Are You A Minimalist Traveler?

Posted on: March 10, 2009

Less is more. This maxim came from a German architect named Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, pertaining to the minimalist design in architecture. But this applies well to my travel practice, which is to bring less in any of my trips, whether be it for a week or month-long travel. Yes, I call myself a minimalist traveler.

I am a minimalist traveler for only one reason – Convenience. I find utmost convenience when I simply carry a few things with me. It saves me the hassle of looking after so many bags and keeping myself responsible for it all throughout the travel time. Besides, I am forgetful, so it relieves me off the possibility of getting myself doomed after losing my things needed for the trip.

So how does one become a minimalist traveler? A minimalist traveler always and only carries three important items. These are the money belt or belt bag, a day bag, and a backpack. Money belt or belt bag. This is where you keep necessary documents most often required in the airport, like passport, travel ticket, credit card or ATM card, cash, itinerary list, and the like. You have quick access of them when urgently needed. Click here for a sample money belt.

A day bag is a day-tour bag, or like a messenger bag. This is where you store personal items, like your guidebook for the tour, foreign dictionary or phrase book, notepad, flashlight, compass, extra shirt or small towel, camera, and other things deem essential while on tour. Actually, this is sometimes accompanied by a money belt. Nevertheless, some choose to just take with them a day bag for the tour, or stick with money belt alone. Click here for a sample day bag.

One thing though to keep in mind when taking alone a backpack, that is reliability and durability of the bag. Since you are packing all your clothes and belongings inside, you need to make sure that you have a reliable and durable backpack with you. And to be assured that all clothes fit inside this backpack, rolling up your clothes is one travel tip you shouldn’t miss. Click here for a sample backpack.

Nevertheless, minimalist travelers may still vary from one style to another. Like I said, one may only bring his money belt and backpack, leaving a day bag behind. Because the truth is, a minimalist traveler can still travel with so much style.

For more travel tips, click here.


4 Responses to "Are You A Minimalist Traveler?"

This is really helpful stuff you got here. You just gave me an idea of how to travel light–a little organizing of the tons of things I want to take with me on trips into money belt, day bag, and backpack is really cool!

More tips, please.

This is good stuff.

I am minimalist traveler. I can go to HK with a small suitcase with a wardrobe that can last up to 2 weeks. 🙂

Wow! That’s minimalism to the max. Thanks for stopping by, Snow.

Traveling light is always the way to go – in fact, in most of my travels, I put everything I need in a carry-on. One way for me to better organize my stuff is to use packing cubes.

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