Life in Styles

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Life in Styles is your link to many great finds in the Philippines–food to savor, music to enjoy, places to experience, trips to take, shops to visit, or even beers to chat with friends over with. You know that San Miguel Beer is one of the best beers in the world.

For example, did you know that the three-island province of Masbate in Central Visayas produces mozzarella cheese? Bet you did not know that. And, the famed balut (duck chick) are now bottled and come in many varieties–adobo, salted, etc. And, trinkets of Bayang Barrios, the multi-awarded songwriter-singer, are beautifully crafted and can’t be find anywhere else but at Conspiracy Garden Cafe?

Ah, there are many more great finds you can find here in Life in Styles. You probably want your product or service written about here for people to discover, or find the hardest-to-find-things here in Life in Styles. You don’t know what you might stumble upon here.

So, link up with us and be read and be found, or read and find.


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