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Do you love to read? Or better yet, to eat? Then FOOD and FOODIE Magazines are for you. I came across these magazines, since my brother, who’s almost a Chef in his own right, owns them. Some of them he did buy himself; some of them were given by generous friends.

FOOD and FOODIE Magazines are both published by ABS-CBN Publishing, Inc. Whilst FOOD is released on the 15th day of each month, FOODIE is published on a bi-monthly basis. What’s not to love about these magazines? Let me count the ways.

Though these two magazines initially project an air of class and sophistication for anything culinary, surprisingly, when you go deeper into the pages, they are actually a balanced view between the classy and what may be ordinary. The recipes are both for the upper class and the average Filipino homemaker.

Next amazing thing about them is that their stories on food and people, surrounded by the love for food and cooking, are truly engaging and strike right through the heart – of cooking, that is! Besides, you will surely learn something new from their helpful tips.

Third, if you love looking at sumptuous dishes, this is definitely it! Or if you have a passion for photography, especially food as the subject, you can refer to their photos as wonderful basis. So it’s actually not just about cooking, it’s also about picture-perfect food.

And, of course, if you just love going on a food trip with your partner, best friend, or anybody you can tag along with, then the adventure awaits in the line up of restaurants regularly featured in each issue. When you see them around the bend, and are reminded of how these magazines talk about their cuisines, don’t just pass them by. Check it out for yourself!

Buy them, and don’t keep them  to yourself.  Put these magazines in a fancy gift box and surprise a friend or two! For something as affordable as P95 each, FOOD and FOODIE Magazines are not painful to the purse.