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Anything I can find while on trips I cherish. These are the kinds you do not see in grocery shelves, and so there is no substitute to getting one or two of these rare stuff.

Take pickled chilis. I first saw a bottle of these while on a trip back to Manila from Tagaytay. Conveniently, Rowena’s was on the side of the road you can stop by at. The store is littered with specialty preserves, biscuits, Barako coffee. But the pickled chilis really caught my attention–how easy to just pop the bottle open, take a few pieces, pour cane vinegar into it, and you have a hot side dish that goes perfectly well with fried or grilled fish. Incomparably delectable!

I was in Tagaytay a few days back, and stopping by Rowena’s was as natural as stopping by to get gas. You can’t miss this store, and I was excited to get my bottle of pickled chilis. Too bad it was not available. My days of frustration reached a week! And suddenly, I found myself wide-eyed when a bottle of pickled chilis appeared to me in one of the shelves of the Landmark grocery!


Isn’t that lovely? It’s German-inspired, Pfeuffer’s Gourmet Pickles Hot Pepper. My dried lapu-lapu fish just got perked! No preservatives, not salty, and hot! This is Philippine-made.

And for the skin–this oil is also hot! It’s called Chi, herbal massage and body oil, which I found in one of the streets in a city down South. I have never parted with the first bottle of this aromatic oil, perfect for relieving headaches, muscle aches, tired legs, fatigue, stress, and even nervous tension. I got my second bottle just a few days ago! Whoa!


Philippine-made, from, read: Lavandula officinalis oil, Andropogon citratus oil, and Cocos nucifera oil. I prefer Chi over those over-the-counter muscle ache liniments. It is very light and soothing. And the smell makes you want to just close your eyes and breathe deeply till you exhale all your worries away.