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tsokonut3I had long seen Tsoko.Nut (pronounced choco-nut) on Dela Rosa St. in Makati City for years, but that’s how exactly I had been doing–just look at it. I had been looking at it, but in my mind, I had actually been curious.

My curiosity ended last Saturday, as I got down at the Dela Rosa parking after a half-day tour of a real estate development in Paranaque City, which awed me no end, but that’s another story.

Sandy and I thought to have lunch in Pancake House, but we found ourselves at Tsoko.Nut instead, after looking at the huge menu banner by the entrance; not that we didn’t like the classic Pancake House dishes.

It was a first for both of us, and it was like beginners’ luck.  Daing na Bangus with Pinangat was great. At P109 per order, it was a winner–not too heavy, not too light. Just enough to tide you over till snack time in the late afternoon. I would think that the other dishes were great, too, as most of them were traditional Filipino food.

I had coffee after, as I always do after a meal, but Sandy, who had the chocolate drink, told me it was too good to pass up. I decided to have one to-go, and thought it would be good to take sips in between green and red lights on the way home.  Sandy was right–it was creamy, nutty, and rich, so naturally tasty!

Why haven’t I discovered it long before? I had tried so many choco drinks before, but Tsoko.Nut’s is best so far.

This is choco cafe is for the Pinoy’s taste. And perhaps for the rest of the world.