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Choco Topps is a sweet revenge from Suncrest Foods Incorporated, the manufacturer of Cup Keyk. Remember Cup Keyk – cup cakes that come in different flavors: cheese, ube, and pandan, among others.

Yes, I am talking about the locally made cup cakes that most kids or moms  grab from grocery shelves, or conveniently  buy from the neighborhood sari-sari store that sells for P6 a piece.  I tell you these cup cakes have remained top choice for merienda treats for everyone. I believe Choco Topps, however, made a more noteworthy difference, a huge leap to say, for Suncrest to remain as one of the major players in the local food industry.

I had my first bite of Choco Topps, about  three weeks ago when my mom bought a pack for my son.  Since then I and my son have become a fan, especially me , and have since started on a contest: who eats more in a single sitting, a glass of juice clasped in one hand.img_0963

Choco Topps has chewy, chocolate icing, topped with vanilla flakes or candies, while the chocolate cake is filled with rich, vanilla cream. The last bite should already make you full; but it is seemingly just so difficult to resist for a second grab, or maybe even for a third one.


With several players in the food industry attempting to hit the market in a single shot, Suncrest must definitely be proud of their latest product, because one bite of Choco Topps truly tops it all.