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This was my second alone-time on a Saturday morning…nice to have some time by yourself. Good for going back to your center after a hard week’s work.

I found myself at one of the tables in Cafe Mary Grace, one of my recent favorites. You feel like you’re home at this cozy cafe, despite being in the monstrous newest mall in the city, Trinoma Mall. It’s just tucked away from the noisiest part of the mall anyway, and is strategically located across National Bookstore–buy a book there and sit down at the cafe.

Despite the really appetizing soups and pastas and sandwiches, I settled for three-cheese ensaymada and brewed coffee. Three-cheese because the Filipino sweet bread is topped with cheddar cheese, kesong puti (white cheese) and grated keso de bola.


A bite of the soft, sweet ensaymada and the salty cheese, drowned by brewed coffee was heavenly, while reading inspirational quotes from empowered women from a book I took out of one of the cafe’s bookshelves, 100 Years of Women’s Wisdom. Pure pleasure priced at P244.00, rather an inexpensive way to center yourself.