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It’s summer! It’s 32C but feels like 39C. Hot, huh? Sweat it out at 65% humidity. That’s the Philippine Islands for you!

And it’s going to be hotter, folks, which is just about the right time to usher the summer in.

I heard April 3 is a rockin’ reggae day in Eastwood Central Plaza. The event promises some good vibin’ refreshing sound of reggae music, courtesy of Reggae Mistress, at which time, has been around seven years, and fitting is this celebration of summer in the islands–some reggae music. I can’t wait to be in the midst of positive vibes!

chong-copyI have seen this band capture the reggae scene, a sort of a re-living the good old days of Tropical Depression, Coco Jam, and what have you, in recent years. Small wonder that Reggae Mistress has kicked the seven year itch–with the Tengasantoses (Chong and Chang) at the helm.

This dreadlocks-donning couple is loyal to reggae to a fault, I tell you, for not having left the good vibin’ and even bringing into the scene their daughter Irene and niece Ira, the two completing the “mistress” (three misses) with Chang, the reggae mom!

With Chong, the legendary drummer, and the instrumentalists, the band’s rhythmic sound is so inviting, leaving you with no choice but dance to the beat. Believe me, there’s no saying no to the beat when you hear the percussive sounds this band creates.

Don’t believe what I say, be there on April 3 and see and believe.